Established in 1972, Hot Dog Fisheries was formed by Chris and Karen Royans, growing over the last 40 years into a family company with son Luke Royans joining his parents.

Initially abalone diving was a sport for Chris which evolved into abalone diving, and the family eventually moved to the spectacular Cape Jervis at the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Diving into the pristine waters of the Great Southern Ocean, Chris found plump and flavoursome abalone and was soon selling them locally.

It quickly turned into a fully fledged commercial business, Hot Dog Fisheries, the name deriving from an early boat, which had been named after an old family sheep dog.

In 1984 Hot Dog Fisheries started supplying abalone to local exporters. With the company growing quickly Chris gave up diving. He now leases his license to son Luke who is a certified diver and owns a number of boats.

Hot Dog Fisheries purchased a fish processing plant at Cape Jervis in 1997 and have extensively renovated the property upgrading it up to export standard. On completion of the renovations they have began processing IQF abalone.

Now Hot Dog Fisheries and their brand Southern Cape is a thriving company, averaging 25 tonne per year of abalone, with 8-10 casual staff and established export markets in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, United States and Singapore.

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