Hot Dog Fisheries currently export to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, United States and Singapore.

Our abalone can be enjoyed throughout luxury hotels and restaurants across Asia, and is renowned for it’s premium flavour and taste, due to the high quality of the natural clean and green environment in which it is produced in Australia and our accredited processing facility and systems.

A luxury in Asia

Abalone meat is considered a delicacy in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

In China, abalone is widely known as ‘Bao You’ and often forms part of a Chinese banquet. Similar to shark fin, birds nest and sea cucumber, abalone is considered a luxury item, traditionally reserved for special occasions and celebrations.

In Japan, live and raw abalone is used in sushi, served steamed, salted, boiled, chopped, or simmered in soy sauce, while in USA, abalone receive more relaxed treatment and can be found on pizza, sautéed or in steak form.

Abalone is highly regarded in Asian cultures for its health and wellness benefits and is believed to promote healthy eyes, alleviate colds, reduce fluid retention and improve circulation.

Quality & Accreditations

Hot Dog Fisheries have an Export Processing license and are regularly checked by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service to ensure quality. Our canning processors are also accredited export establishments.

We maintain the following accreditations to ensure quality products and processing.

  • USDA FDA approval – America
  • AQIS Accredited
  • Approved Arrangement, inclusive of HACCP

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