Hot Dog Fisheries blacklip and greenlip abalone is handpicked by divers – brought to the surface in net bags and shucked, washed and taken ashore for processing.

What nature began – nurturing the abalone in an ideal environment – quality processes maintain with all abalone sorted, measured, shucked and washed fresh on the boat at sea – and then stored in insulated containers. After a day of fishing, abalone is unloaded on-shore and transported in refrigerated vehicles for processing.

Hot Dog Fisheries oversee the whole process from harvesting, through to either canning, frozen (IQF), vacuum packing or heat sterilizing, and thus have a ‘hands-on’ knowledge of the quality of our products.

Our abalone is marketed and exported under the brand, Southern Cape, with Greenlip and IQF Blacklip abalone in great demand.

These superb products are regarded for their rich, luxurious flavours enjoyed throughout the luxury hotels and restaurants of Asia.

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